Club r_AW

tickets Doors open 22:00 Commencing 22:00

April, get ready. Club r_AW is back again! Pushing a brand new edition of industrial hardcore intensity, the P60 Amstelveen will be rocked solid on Saturday April 15. As r_AW as it gets, the crew is set to deliver the latest and greatest with the original distorted hardness. Just the way you like it!

A slick combination of international names looking for the next best thing in hardcore, with a little push towards the French side of the beat. So you know dark dystopian twists are present. Le cog aggresive!

Dive deep into the loudest of feels, delve yourself in the rooster pit / hen house and get your Club r_AW on!

Tickets are now available at € xx,- each. For pre-sale and more, check out the P60 at