P60 and the municipality of Amstelveen (youth work) are the Dutch partners in the DIGGILOO project, creating digital cultural productions from youth to youth.

Together with organisations in Finland and Estonia we are digital connecting our local projects to share ideas and experiences.

P60 is taking care with Future Face for the digital productions with cultural content, produced as local projects with the support of online learning groups. Find here the first productions. YOU ARE YOUNG AND WANNA JOIN? Mail: info@ourfutureface.com .

Youth center Tartu (Estonia) is making digital learning diaries; narratives and stories produced by participating youth on the Diggiloo journey (podcasts etc.).

The Humak University (Helsinki-Finland) is responsible for a eManual: Practical guidelines on how to plan and implement cross sectoral culture production projects with the youth.

Policy Recommedations for youth work: Cross sectorial organisations-level collaboration between youth work and the Creativity & Culture sector. Responsible for this is the municipality of Amstelveen.

The Finnisch Institute in Estonia will make a publication that offers fresh ideas and visions for cultural organisations in engaging young people with the title: Inclusion of Youth: A Cultural Perspective.

This project started in 2021 and will end in 2023.


Future Face